Born Wisdom

Tomorrow is September 2. September- the 9th month. 9=Born. 2=Wisdom (or Woman) according to the Five Percenter’s Supreme Mathematics.

Tomorrow I begin a new chapter in my life working as an assistant teacher at a pre-school. I see the significance of the Supreme Mathematics in relation to this day. (1) Born… I am going through a rebirth, not just as a new career path or even the beginning of the school year but rather a spiritual rebirth. In these past 2 months I have learned and built on more knowledge than I have in the past two years.

Since August 1, I have travelled from the west coast in the Bay Area where I sat with Rastafari brothers, Black Panthers, and other revolutionary Muslims, over to the east coast to build with the Ahmadiyya community,  and finally down south to Texas for a Shia Conference where I met a tattooed gun-owning Sufi  and laughed about how our lives were like a Michael Muhammad Knight novel- and back to my home base, Chicago where I’ve been building with my neighbor who grew up in the NGE/Five Percenter community.

(2) Wisdom. All the wisdom I have gained and began to wish to gain- the thirst for knowledge… ilm… Imam Jafir al-Sadiq (AS) has said,

One who does not use his intelligence will not succeed and one who does not use his knowledge will have no intellect. One who understands will attain nobility and excellence, and one who is tolerant will triumph. Knowledge is a shield (against evil), truth begets honour and ignorance disgrace, understanding is distinction, generosity is salvation and good manners command love and respect. (Muhammad Kulayni, Usūl al-Kāfī – The Book of Intellect and Ignorance.)

I plan to learn much more from the children I will be teaching at the pre-school. These infants, between the ages of 6 and 18 months have so much to offer, life lessons that go beyond any university lecture hall. I envy their innocence and also their strength, to be brought back to such a state of mind even by virtue of sitting and working with them will be an immense honor.

I have seen the beginning of new movements, people struggling together and making beautiful strides towards liberation. I have said goodbye to close friends who are moving across oceans, state lines, or imaginaries. I have seen a part of myself that I don’t ever want to go back to.. and now I am Born again.

This is today’s Supreme Mathematics.