Introduction to Combat With The Self

combat_with_the_selfI recently purchased the book, “Combat with The Self” which is a collection of ahadith from the Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and Ahlul Bayt (His Household).  The official summary reads-

…a compilation of traditions and sayings from the Holy Prophet and his Household (Hadith), classified under various subsections, all broaching the subject of the self, its vices, temptations, strengths and weaknesses. Based on the fact that one’s self is one’s greatest enemy, the book encompasses universally acknowledged issues of moral and ethical value from honesty and charity to humility and philanthropy. It consists purely of the sayings of the Imams, through which the reader will be left amazed at how congruent the Imams’ words are with the message of the Qur’an.


From this book, I will be blogging on a select few sayings and reflecting on them based on my own spirituality and anecdotes from my life. I will attempt to do at least one post per week, God Willing. I enourage people to share these posts and comment with their own reflections on the sayings I share with you all. The point of these posts is not to show that my ideas or opinions reign supreme but rather that these sayings hold importance in our lives in the current context of our lives and I want to share my thoughts with you and would like to hear yours as well.


I look forward to this conversation.